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Cafe ElectricYesGerman Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglishWilli ForstMarlene DietrichVHS192881m
Autumn SunYesSpanish Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglishEduardo MignognaNorma AleandroDVD1999103m
AmadeusYesClassic Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglish,FrenchMilos FormanF. Murray AbrahamDVD1997160m
AugustusYesClassic Foreign Language Lab - FLLSpanishRoger YoungPeter O'Toole and Charlotte RamplingDVD1990178m
Austin Powers: Spion in Geheimer Missionars-StellungYesGerman Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglish Mike MeyersDVD199991m
Alexandria...Why?YesArabic Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglishYoussef Chahine DVD1979133m
The American FriendYesGerman Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglishWim WendersDennis Hopper, Bruno GanzDVD1977125m
All Jews Out!YesGerman Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglishEmanuel Rund DVD199082m
Anche Libero Va BeneYesItalian Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglish,ItalianKim Rossi StuartAlessandro MoraceDVD2006105m
All Quiet on the Western FrontYesClassic Foreign Language Lab - FLLEnglish,French,SpanishLewis MilestoneJew Ayres and Louis WolheimDVD1958130m